What happened to Dress to Impress?

dressing to impress

Perhaps it’s an inevitable trend, a sign of the times – job seekers showing up to interviews in unprofessional attire.  But as a recruiter, I’m here to tell you that your interview outfit matters.

  1. The easiest part of the job search process is to find appropriate interview attire. This is one part of the process that you have complete control of.  You just need to get yourself to a store to find a great outfit.  For both women and men, the goal should be to attend an interview wearing a suit.  Yes, that’s right a suit.
  2. Why wear a suit? Because it conveys to the interviewer that you value the opportunity.  When an organization is hiring it’s a significant investment in time in money to fill the role.  The simple statement of showing up put together, in a professional manner, lets the employer know you understand the investment they are making and value it.
  3. Your professional attire/or lack of is a glimpse into the type of worker you are. As a recruiter, I’ve found a direct correlation between the interview outfit and a person’s work ethic and priorities.  Applicants that show up to interviews professionally dressed tend to be workers who take pride in their work.  Applicants that show up dressed down and unprofessional often turn out to be workers who show up late to work and are lackluster employees in general.
  4. If you look good you feel good. Interviews are stressful.  Wearing a suit gives you a boost of confidence going into an interview.  You need every advantage you can get while in job search and this is an easy one to acquire.

On behalf of recruiters and HR professionals I beg you, before you go to your next interview make it a priority to get a great outfit.  It’s a detail that will have a big payoff.

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