What to expect at a Job Fair

The thought of attending your first job fair may seem intimidating, but job fairs are pretty straightforward and an excellent opportunity to explore job opportunities.
Here’s what you can expect:
  • Job fairs are typically held at a hotels or conference centers.  These type of venues have large rooms in which many tables can be set up to accommodate a large number of employers.


  • When you arrive there will be representatives to greet you.  You may need to register or check in.  Often at the check in you will be given a flyer with a list of companies at the job fair.
  • As you enter the job fair company tables will be set up in rows.  At each table there will be at least one representative from the company, brochures/marketing material, and promotional items.


  • When companies commit to setting up at a job fair you can be confident that companies have openings and are interested in speaking with you about their opportunities.


  • If you researched the job fair ahead of time and know what companies are a fit for you stop at those tables and introduce yourself.


  • This is your opportunity to meet people in charge of making hiring decisions.  Be prepared to ask questions, answer questions, and give a copy of your resume.


  • At a job fair you have the unique opportunity to speak with a company representative face to face.  Use this opportunity to gather information regarding what the company is looking for in candidates.  This is also a great opportunity to explain, in person why, you are a good fit for them.


  • Job Fairs are one of the best resources for job opportunities if you are in the market for a new job.   Many job seekers land there next job through job fairs.  To be successful make sure you are well prepared before you attend.  Read our article – 8 Tips to Ace your next Job Fair.
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